Friday, June 4, 2010

Team Teach Obedience - Week 4

Despite an early rainstorm last night, Tracey and I taught our beginner obedience class.  The students are doing well for the most part.

Prior to class I worked Teddy on healing and attention which is improving but still not ready for a Rally ring yet.  Bern practiced some healing and his dumbbell retrieves ... oh my the dumbbell retrieves were UGLY.  Finally Grace got a turn with her new smaller dumbbell which fits her mouth very nicely.  She was doing quite well on healing, dumbbell recalls, dumbbell retrieves, and drop on recall.  Grace's newer smaller pinch collar came in yesterday but we haven't had time to do a fitting session today.

The house is scheduled to show this morning.  Unfortunately it looks like it will be pouring down rain during the showing.  It seems the nectarine tree has some broken branches from the weight of the fruit... dealing with that is at the top of the list for tonight or tomorrow morning.  The Doucet's are getting their house painted so the painters are working out of H1's backyard to access part of the Doucet's house.  May H1 find a new owner quickly!