Monday, July 19, 2010

Grace's New Found Love - Herding DUCKS!

Grace and I had not made it to Linda's for several weeks.  Linda now has a flock of ducks old enough to herd.  After a bit of agility to work on Grace's go-outs, Grace headed toward the watering trough to cool off.  Much to her amazement there were new neighbors in the barn adjacent to the water trough.  One look was all it took - she wanted to go play with the ducks.  She has been around ducks at Kay's and Shelley's but she has never been allowed to herd them.  So Linda and I put a 15' lead on her with it looped around her rear for some additional control.  Grace did really well working the ducks since she couldn't eat them with Linda or I on the end of the lead.  Next we moved onto sheep - good progress there also.  She is learning to drive the sheep very well.  Maybe be next spring we can try for her Herding Started title(s).

I spend some time on Sunday clearing the fenceline for the installation of the electric fence - I need to find the electrification module since it got moved!  There is much fence clearing work to do so it may take a few weeks.  Weekend after next Tracey is home so I'm hopeful she can come give guidance on the project with Mike and I providing labor.  Stores such as Tractor Supply stock chain link fence insulators for electric fence so I will need to round some of those up.

The Honda has been cleaned up following the move.  I used the steam cleaner on the back end of the vehicle after vacuuming.  It seemed to work well.  The car is much cleaner.  The crate riser and crates have been reinstalled so we are ready to go to the dog show this weekend.

I finished most of the move-related financial transactions as of now.  I'm waiting on the final paperwork back from the clerk of court's office.  With that behind me I can just concentrate on the new house now - YIPPEE!