Friday, July 16, 2010

Home Sale Closing and the Great Grace Escape... too much excitement for one week!

Last weekend I got sick.  Horrid acute case of tonsillitis.  A couple of shots on Monday and I began feeling better by mid-week.

Wednesday afternoon Grace escaped from the backyard.  She may have been out several hours by the time it was discovered she was missing.  Thank goodness for the storm whistle...she seems to hear it when she is on walkabout and come since the whistle is followed by yummy treats.  Following her escape the fence was given a careful exam.  Unfortunately, the entire back fence is in need of reinforcement...after discussing the situation with the fencing contractor we are installing the low-tech solution.  Pieces of 24" long 3/8" diameter iron reinforcing bars (rebar) are being woven through the chain link fence and pounded into the ground every ~4 inches.

Finally on Thursday I closed the loan to sell the former homestead.  It was purchased by a nice young couple - may they embrace its uniqueness and have patience with its oddities.

Now that things are settling down some Grace and I are trying to get some training going again.  We hope to go see sheep this weekend at Linda's.  And the mention of sheep has made me think of Speak, Shelley Spotswood's old Aussie.  Speak passed away this May and there was a lovely 2 page spread in the Aussie Times magazine that came in the mail this week.