Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The last of the big furniture to be moved

The real estate agent called today.  The closing is scheduled for next Thursday morning.  The house appraised so no last minute fiddling with the purchase price.

Tomorrow AM, the movers are coming to get the remainder of the furniture - just a few big items.  Now I just have to decide where those items will be placed!

This morning we had a first.  There was a spat in the den while only the dogs were present.  It seems Bern may have exerted some leadership and Ms. Grace wasn't happy about it.  After the spat, Teddy was managing to wag his tail while he kept it tucked.  Ms. Grace looked a bit upset. And Bern seemed happy with himself.  The remainder of the day seems to be going without incident.  Hopefully they worked it out among themselves.