Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Weekend

I skipped obedience in Shreveport to stay home and work around the house.  I managed to sort and store the china/stoneware and glasses/crystal in the kitchen and dining room over the weekend.  Several glasses and plates are boxed up to be given to others.  Those remaining are the ones are the favorates.

Mike needed to go to Lafayette on an errand so I rode along on Saturday.  We stopped back by Lagniappe Antiques in Breaux Bridge on the way home.  By the time we left Breaux Bridge there was a chair, a few vinyl records, 6 blue glasses, and a pair of vintage lamps (minus shades) destined for the bedside tables packed in the rear of the vehicles.  Wal-Mart had sent a $5 welcome to the neighborhood card so it went toward new lampshades - now reading in bed is possible!

Sunday Mike and I found a couple of geocaches in the vicinity of the new house.  That got us some fresh air for the day.

On Monday morning, Grace went on walk about and ended up over at the next door neighbors house.  Luckily Dr. Sanders knew where she belonged and came over to let us know. After retrieving her Mike followed her out toward the back fence and watched her sneak through her hole - he called her back into the yard and promptly pounded several pieces of rebar across that section of fence to keep her in the yard.  Hopefully she will still be there when Mike or I go back and check on her at lunch today.

Tracey and I did a first for us.  We went clothes shopping together at Tanger.  After months of searching I finally found a new pair of sneakers.  We hit several store with her looking for petite clothes and me looking for talls.  A fun time was had.  I purchased a pair of jeans that are a bit too tight - my goal is to get in them by my birthday in November.

I'm still struggling with space arranging at the new house.  My exercise area and equipment are not all fitting together in the same space like at the other house.  It seems disjointed but I'm working the problem.  I have hope since I seemed to have the kitchen and laundry rooms working well... I'll just work my way around the house.

Not much dog training this weekend.  A low pressure system that didn't quite make tropical storm status has been causing rain on and off.  More rain expected today.  Maybe it will dry up by Wednesday and we can practice some agility!