Monday, July 26, 2010

USDAA Agility, Hattiesburg, MS

This weekend Grace and I joined Tracey and her USDAA gang in Hattiesburg for the 4 day USDAA trial.  Grace ran 3 of the 4 days.

By the last day, Grace was very comfortable with her surroundings.  She was cheering the master level dogs running in the adjacent ring while waiting her turn at the gate - barking and wagging her tail.  Her Sunday runs included banging teeters and off courses because she was running with wild abandon.  I hope I get to keep the Sunday agility dog... she was fun to run!  We came home with lots of not exactly [NQs] runs (a knocked bar, not quite over the A-frame when the gamble buzzer sounded, a slow pairs partner, and a called dog walk contact) as well as 3 P1 games Qs (snooker, gamblers, and jumpers).  She earned her P1 jumpers title this weekend.

Saturday afternoon I left Grace with a canine massage lady for 20 minutes.  The massage lady was older and very calm.  She and Grace did well together.  Grace seemed to enjoy the experience.  The massage lady was from Alabama - I hope she is back in August so Grace can get another session.

Tracey and Josie picked up a much needed standard Q on Sunday (4 more standard Qs to Josie's ADCH).  Jedi earned a Q in steeplechase on Saturday (leaving him needing something like 4 standard and 3 gamble Qs for his ADCH).  Kazee managed to get a very hard gamble on Sunday but was not quite over the final bar when the buzzer sounded - yeah for the great effort though.  Xan ran speedy like Grace and picked up a few Qs despite not feeling well.  Bandit, his sore head, and his antibiotics as well as Spirit came along to Hattiesburg.  The whole gang had a grand time.

Jenni from Memphis and her knitting buddy Jessica fed us Thursday night with yummy home-cooked food (Thanks!).  Grace and I really enjoyed our weekend.