Thursday, August 5, 2010

Too Hot To Be Outside...

The summer swelter has settled in to south Louisiana.  It is too hot to be outside doing much of anything.  Instead I've been working inside the house putting things away.  Unfortunately this means that the fence reinforcement project is getting nowhere quickly.

I'm also trying to get the 2011 LCCOC tracking trial organized.  It seems like a good time to get the trial put together while everyone is stuck inside with the A/C running full blast.

Last weekend I rode along to Houston with Mike while he did boat visits.  The poor A/C on his little company car froze up on the return trip in the after heat.  We managed to thaw it out using the outside air and fan but it was uncomfortably warm in the car.

I do need to get busy training soon.  There are agility and obedience trials coming quickly.  Bern is rusty on both and I would really like him to earn a few Qs!