Sunday, August 22, 2010

BARK AKC Agility, Hattiesburg, MS

Grace's Title Leg for NA
I drove to Hattiesburg on Thursday afternoon.  We were entered on Friday and Saturday.  We stayed in Tracey's RV - oops I owe her some gas money!  The setup at Hattiesburg is fantastic except the stairs get to be a bit much - no need to do any stairmaster workouts this week.  However I noticed that since it has been so hot I haven't been getting much exercise and it shows (I must do exercise tapes in A/C comfort).

Grace 1st Open JWW Leg
Grace did great on the Novice Standard course Friday earning 3rd place and her NA title.  However, she took 3 bars down on the jumpers course.  The triple jump looked terrible - I was concerned about Saturday.  Go Girlie Go!  Grace run like a dream in Jumpers on Saturday she earned 2 place and her first OAJ leg on the Blair Kelley Tunnel Extravaganza Course with 3 back-to-back tunnels in the closing sequence.  See below - the Open version of the course was missing the pinwheel after the weaves.  She ran great in Open Standard on Saturday but bobbled her weaving ever so slightly.  Her runs were very steady and she was being very consistent - we are finally looking like an agility team. Her weaves are still slow and she was 3 seconds over time on Open Jumpers course but we are getting smoother and faster with each trial.

Bern's Title leg in Exc FAST
Bern had good runs on Friday and Saturday but was 0 for 4 in Jumpers and Standard (no weaves).   Bern had way to much fun on the Excellent version of the Blair Kelley Tunnel Extravaganza Course  (see below).  He had more off courses during that one run than he has had at the last several trials combined but he was having a blast running.  The second time he cleared the triple (off course, of course) as he was running towards the exit.he had lots of air space over the bar to spare   His Saturday FAST run was fun but he messed himself up on the entrance to the send - NQ.  Donna Dombourian had a nice send for Saturday with great course flow to get plenty of points - 1st place XFP title and one very excited handler.

Blair Kelly Tunnel Extravaganza Course - Excellent Version