Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back Home at Meadowood Ranch

Meanwhile back at the ranch after an exciting weekend of agility.

Broken Mid Century Lamp
 I have been purchasing a few items off eBay for the house. Primarily the purchases have been lamps. I bought a  retro teak swag lamp, a walnut desk lamp for the den, a ceramic and teak lamp for the entry way table, and a pair of  mid centry modern ceramic lamps for the living room. The living room lamps are (were?) a drip glazed pottery lattice pattern with a night light feature. Unfortunately FEDEX tossed the box too hard once and one of the lamps broke. The vendor has refunded my money so I guess I'm back shopping for a pair of living room lamps.  Meanwhile, my sewing room will be sporting a fancy lamp.

Freeman-McFarlin Swan
There are display shelves in the den that were asking for vintage pottery for display so I have purchased a few items. Most have been picked up at thrift stores (Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc.). I have also purchased a few pieces of Freeman-McFarlin pottery.  Freeman-McFarlin was a mid century California pottery house that was in business from the late 1920s to the early 1970s. I fell in love with the 12" tall Freeman-McFarlin swan (see right) and purchased it off eBay at a very reasonable price.  The swan seems to have been stolen off the front porch. The US Post Office thinks they delivered it but the package containing the swan never made it inside the house.

Century Futuramic Electric Skillet
The kitchen is still sporting its vintage Westinghouse Appliance Center with clock timer.  The appliance center has two retractable appliance extension cords (one is controlled by the clock timer) for powering vintage appliances and two non-polarized plugs.  This was state-of-art when the house was built so locating a usable vintage skillet was a great find.  I plugged it in using the appliance extension cord and it heats up... now to try cooking  bacon in it for breakfast this weekend!

The house is coming together slowly.  I have a pair of Danish Modern chairs for the living room at an antique store in Houston... I need to drive over with the Element empty to pick them up on a free weekend before the vendor starts charging me a storage fee!