Friday, August 13, 2010

Firday the 13th...Mixed News

Thursday started out great and went downhill.  Mike called Thursday morning to let me know he passed the "clinical" part of his exams yesterday.  That completes his registration testing so he is very excited.

I met up with Tracey and her "red" squad (Kamikaze, Xan, and Spirit)  yesterday for some obedience practice.  Bern and Grace were a bit rusty but Bern did much better than last week when we did a little dumbbell practice.  Grace still thinks that dumbbell retrieve is the stupidiest excerise ever and does a horrid job of performing it each and every time.  Like everything else in life she was  doing obedience with gusto last night.  Bern was only doing obedience because there were yummy treats and chick-fil-A goodies.

Tracey was super thoughtfull and purchased me a neck pillow and letter combination lock at Big Lots.  I got taken by suprise last night and forgot to reimburse her for my dinner and goodies.  Okay I can pay her back by buying her dinner in Hattiesburg.

Tracey's vet had further testing on Bandit's tissue completed.  It seems that the sore on his head is a carcinoma.  Referral to the vet in Mandeville is in progress.  We are keeping them in our prayers.