Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hummingbirds Looking For Feeders... Now Found (After a trips to Lowe's)

I walked out the backdoor onto the patio Monday evening in a dark red shirt.  Immediately there was a hummingbird flying around me ... after a few seconds the hummingbird decided I was too big to be a feeder and flew off.  It seems the previous home owner had put out hummingbird feeders.

Two hummingbird feeders are now hanging in the backyard.  One near the patio and the second in the planted area along the west fenceline.  The first feeder had a visitor before I could even get the second feeder in place.  At least two hummingbirds have found the feeders and were already squabbling over them this morning.  My next challange is to photograph these fast birds.

There was a large (huge by insect standards) moth/locust flying bug in the house.  It had been spotted on a couple of occassions but not captured.  It flew too close to Grace this morning and she happily stalked and dispatched it.  Grace 1 - Huge Insects in House 0  Hopefully none of the hummingbirds fly too near Grace while zooming around the yard or they may meet the same fate.