Sunday, September 19, 2010

AKC Obedience, Mobile, AL... Grace earns GN

Graduate  Novice - Leg 3
We road with Tracey, Kazee, Xan, and Spirit to Mobile, AL this weekend for AKC obedience.  As you can see from the  photos Ms. Grace came home with 1st Place Qs in Graduate Novice for Sat and Sun.  She nows has a Graduate Novice title.  Each 1st place win earned her $20 plus she was high scoring Aussie both days (another $10 per day).  So now Grace needs a new venue to play in... wildcard novice?  wildcard open?  rally advanced B? rally excellent A?

Graduate  Novice - Leg 4

Bern managed to earn NQs in Open A both Sat and Sun.  He was happy but is struggling with the retrieve on flat and waiting for a command to perform the broad jump.  Both of which I will try to fix before the Deep South obedience trial next month.

Tracey debuted Spirit in the obedience venue this weekend (Rally Nov) - 2Qs including a $20 winning 1st place on Sun.  Xan played Grad Open on Sat - she did great on doing her newly learned utility exercises in a trial setting.  However on Sun in Open A Xan busted her 5 minute down by sitting up - NQ DARN IT.  Tracey seems to have a stay problem with Xan like I had with Grace and the cookies in the ring... hopefully it will be resolved quickly.  To mix it up for Kazee this weekend Kazee played Open B plus Grad Open on Saturday and Utility A on Sun.  Kazee had a WONDERFUL time but did not Q.

Photographer Michael Loftis was there shooting pictures - our first professional photography obedience shots.  I ordered digital images.  Mike will be at Gulfport next weekend shooting the agility trial.

Mike H is going to Houston this week for work.  While in Houston he will rescue the chairs I bought from Gen's Antiques and bring them back to Baton Rouge on Tuesday.  Yippee!  Looking forward to having the new chairs in the living room.