Friday, October 22, 2010

AKC Agility, Kiln, MS

Well today was an easy report.  NQ in Open JWW.  NQ in Open Standard.

Grace knocked the first bar on one course.  We need to work on jumping from a stand still at home.  She mashed the triple... I need to finish our AKC triple that I'm building so we can practice the big jump at home.  The jump parts are all here so I just need to screw the jump cups in the correct places.  Since Grace is weaving much faster and one stepping at home she was totally confused weaving slower today so tomorrow we are running at the weave poles and I"m giving her lots of space.  Her contacts were good, she took the tire with no problem, and she was steering better.  I did still get some herding problems towards the end of the JWW run but for the most part the courses were smoother.  I rear crossed a few times and she didn't spin much... it is slow and awkward but we are improving.

Tracey managed JWW Qs today with Kazee and Zan.  Lego's JWW and the 3 Standard runs were all pretty close.  Just a few beagle or siberian moments was all it took to NQ.  We are off to go try again tomorrow.