Thursday, October 21, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

We have managed this week to get in some practice.  Grace has worked on her weaves and steering.  Both of which are improving.  At least this backyard is big enough we can get up some speed before we hit the weaves so she is working on learning to control the speed.  We are not there yet but it will come.

Bern has been working on obedience.  He now holds the metal article for cookies.  We have pulled out the dumbbell on a few different occasions and practiced.  Bern continues to have moments where he zones out but he has learned to get the dumbbell when he sees it.  We will keep this up until the trial in Ruston in mid-November.

I signed Grace up for Rally Exc on both days at the November trial.  May there not be any food or toys in the Rally courses.  If so, we will scratch (and I loose my $25!).

Tomorrow we are off to agility in MS.  Grace and I get to carpool with Tracey which makes the ride much better for me.  Grace doesn't seem to mind which car is taking us as along as she gets a turn when we get to our destination.  That girl is all about getting a turn now.