Friday, October 29, 2010

CGC Testing for Great Boy Teds

Well this week has been super busy at work so very little training got done.  Bern needs to see his dumbbell more often if we hope to get those last 2 CDX legs in November.

Last night Teddy took his CGC test.  Teds was a GREAT BOY!  He did all the CGC exercises he knew how to do just perfect.  Jo Beth thought he was doing great for his age.  Teds, however, is still struggling to find a "wait" while the person with the chicken walks away.  I couldn't get far enough away last night for Jo Beth to pass his stay exercise.  He fussed just a bit on the 3 minute get your leash held by a stranger but waited until 2 min 45 seconds to whimper once.  We will keep working on "wait" and reviewing the other skills (getting leashes held by strangers who don't feed cookies or talk to Teds) and see if we can find another CGC test to take.

Today Grace and I are off to do agility in Crosby, TX.  We are riding with Tracey and her "guys".  This will be a new competition arena for Grace and I.  If we can get over there this evening for the show 'n go match Grace can test out the contact equipment and practice her weaves a few times.