Monday, November 1, 2010

AKC Flashpaws Agility, Crosby, TX

Tracey (w/3 beagles & 1 sib) plus Grace and I went to Crosby, TX for AKC agility.  The drive over was delayed due to a wreck between Beaumont and Channelview.  Tracey's TomTom was not working reliability so we stayed on I-10 until we made it past the wreck location.  [May my soon-to be-Garmin be more reliable for us].  With the travel delay with missed the Friday night show 'n go at the areana.

There low points from the weekend - Tracey and I managed 10 NQs on Saturday.  And high points - Kamikaze came home with her 1st QQ towards MACH 1.  Grace kept all the bars up on 3 of 4 courses (including the triple).  However, Grace was so fired up on Sunday afternoon she happily smashed the 1st few bars in her standard course after cherring the collie running ahead of her around the course.  I'm pleased that Grace felt comfortable in a new arean, pulled to get to the start line for every run, cheered on the dog running ahead of her, happily banged strange contact equipment, and managed to weave at least one set of clean poles a bit quicker this weekend.  She is still struggling to make time in JWW but overall running her is much smoother.

Grace, Zan, and I each got massages this weekend.  Grace's left shoulder was a bit tender.  Xan's chronic back issue has returned.  The massage person was concerned about my took her about 2 minutes to figure out which shoulder wasn't pulling its weight anymore.  It seems the right shoulder is really try to over compensate for the lack of help from the left shoulder.  I felt good after the masage but by noon Monday my back with really aching.  Maybe something I'm doing at work is not good so I need to be mindful of my work habits.  Thank goodness for Aleve.

Grace's recent escape tunnel from the backyard has been located and plugged.  She is bummed out but staying in the yard for the time being.  I've decided I've got to get the electric fence installed to keep her from digging out.