Sunday, October 17, 2010

Deep South Obedience & Nedra's 70th BDay Weekend

This weekend was Deep South Obedience in Mandeville, LA.  The trial was super small since it was competing with another trial near Lake Charles for entries.  Tracey and I chose the closer venue to attend.  I think it worked out great.  We were done relatively early both days.

  • Grace played in Wildcard Novice and Wildcard Open on Saturday.  She busted her 1 minute sit stay in Novice and skip the exam part of the stand for exam.  In Open we didn't score her out of site sit so Judge Carol just let us skip doing it.  She did really good on all the Open exercises and managed a first place finish.  Her healing is terrible still though.
  • Bern missed both dumbbell retrieves and busted the 3 minute site. NQ! (~Flunk 12 for Open A).

  • Grace earned 1st place and her 1st RA Q (if it was okay to be in Exc A with her RN?).  She did fairly well but was still searching for cookies and very distracted by her search.
  • BERN EARNED 2nd PLACE AND HIS 1ST OPEN LEG.  CUE HUGE PARTY!!!!!!!!  It was close on the retrieve on flat but Tracey and I had really played up the dumbbell prior to his run and it paid off.  FINALLY.
Xan earned her CDX today (and her VCD2).  Kazee came very close to Q on Saturday in Utility.

Nedra's family threw her a surprise party this afternoon after the trial.  Most of the agility gang from LCCOC was there along with some family.  Everyone had a great time.  As you can see by the photo... Nedra truly was suprised!