Friday, October 15, 2010

Obedience Class Night and Obedience Trial Prep

Thursday night we all packed up and went to obedience class.  Bern and Grace practiced this weekend before Teds CGC class.  Bern looked pretty good with the exception of the dreaded dumbbell exercises.  However he did fine on them this morning (with leftover Vienna sausage from CGC class last night for treats).  Grace is having a wonderful time... she is all over the place still but it is getting better.  She is now understanding that she needs to watch were she lines up, fronts, etc.

Teds struggled through some of the CGC class exercies.  If we only had to have a 70% overall he would pass fine.  Some of the exercises he does 100% perfect... his "stays" are horrid and he dodges the hair brush so fast you think he  was still a puppy.  I'm hoping for sympathy from JoBeth since he is mostly shelty and elderly.  Meanwhile we will work on "stay" and hair brush dodging.

We are off to Deep South obedience tomorrow.  May Bern earn 2 CDX legs this weekend.  I'll be happy if Grace gets through the obedience classes on Saturday with reasonable scores.  We haven't really practiced Rally specifically so it may be a distaster.  Saturday evening I plan to pull the cones out before we Rally on Sunday.  Because there are 2 obedience shows in southern Louisiana this weekend, entries are very small... only 3 Open A dogs in obedience (Bern and Tracey's Xan plus another unknown).  Grace is the only Wildcard Open dog on Saturday and the only Rally Exc A dog on Sunday.  Tracey's Kazee is the only Utility A dog.  I guess the small entry gives us great chances at 1st places.