Monday, October 11, 2010

NCEES meeting, Clemson University Campus

 I was in Clemson, SC this past weekend for a meeting of the Environmental Professional Engineering  Exam Committee.  We stayed at the Martin Inn, conducted our exam prep business in the adjacent conference center, and ate too much!  Our PE exam is given twice each year and it has worked out well for our committee to meet twice each year also.  Information on the exam is on the NCEES website.  The pictures here I took a few years ago at a prior meeting... the scenery is still just as nice.  The hotel, conference center, and golf course all have wonderful views of the lake.
The alarm went off VERY EARLY Sunday morning for my 6:00 AM Eastern time zone flight back west - 3:00 AM Central time.  Needless to say I took a nap Sunday afternoon.  Dog training was put off until Monday morning and Monday noon.... it doesn't look good for Grace to be walking backwards in heel position by Sunday.  We are giving it a fair try though.  Other skills are coming along nicely.

My fellow exam committee members gave me grief for not having any pictures of the new house with furniture in it.  I promised them I would finish unpacking and snap some photos.... off I go to tackle the still mountain of unpacked items and yet to be hung up photos.