Monday, October 4, 2010

The world is a blur...

Gulfport agility videos are up on the LCCOC page.  The filming gang caught Grace and I queuing on Sunday morning.  Thanks Michele.  After watching our jumpers run I have decided Grace and I have to lots of work on steering cues for her.

Thursday night Bern and Grace practiced obedience for the upcoming trial.  Teddy attended his CGC class.  His current concept of "wait" is not going to pass the test.  I practiced some with him on Saturday... need to do more frequent work if he is going to get "wait" in time.

Saturday morning Grace, Mike and I were off to Linda's.  Mike hadn't seen Summer, Linda's borzoi puppy, for about a month.  Summer is growing like the perverbial weed.  Grace practiced agility, herded sheep, and then herded ducks.  Grace thinks Summer is a bit too bouncy but I think they might have fun together if there weren't any sheep or ducks in the next pasture over.  Summer is so happy to see everyone... what unbounded joy!

Saturday afternoon I finished building my basic agility jumps and Grace practiced rear crosses... well it wasn't pretty.  Our rear crosses are terrible.  Tracey had some good ideas about Grace's front crosses that I want to try with her also since those don't look to pretty either.  We are not making time in jumpers currently so we need to speed up the weaves and smooth up our direction changes.

Bern, Grace and I also practiced with the obedience articles on the weekend.  Bern has now decided he can pick up and bring a metal article to me (WE HAD A HUGE PARTY).  Grace worked with three leathers and then three metals on finding the one I scented.  I was pleased with her progress.  Bern still has a very long way to go before we can try to find the correct one since they all have "cooties" still.  Maybe he can learn on the leathers and then we can introduce the metals....

Sunday went by in a flash... not sure I accomplished much but did start the winter wardrobe rollover.  Most of the summer clothes (April - September set) are in the off season closet or getting washed prior to storage and the winter clothes are moved to the main closet.