Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bern in the Sick Bay

Bern went in for his annual checkup on Saturday. He got his shots and his blood works was normal. However, Dr. Vet didn't like the looks of his left canine tooth. So in for a dental exam Bern went on Tuesday. The x-rays revealed that the blood supply had been cut from the tooth and the canine tooth was dead. To prevent an eventual absess Bern needed an extraction or a root canal (with a possible future extraction). Dr. Vet and I decided on the extraction. Bern is sporting stitches, taking pain meds and antiobiotics, and eating soft food for 10 days. Bern slept in the sick bay last night - a spare XL varikennel next to my nightstand.

No obedience dumbbell training for Bern for the next few weeks. So it looks like we will miss the Jackson, MS obedience trial... that's okay because the down time from trialing will give my pocket book time to recover from the dental expenses. We have our sights on the Alexandria trial in early 2011.