Monday, November 22, 2010

Grace Containment ... DONE(so far)!

This weekend I stayed around the house and tackled some of my "to do" tasks.

Task 1.. Electric Fence: Saturday afternoon Tracey came over and we installed the bulk of the electric fence (we ran out of electric wire). On Sunday I purchased another spool of wire and finished the installation. All seems to be working well - the tester is lighting up nicely at the end of the fence run.

Task 2.. New Agility Teeter Put Together:   When our arms were tired from tacking down the wire around the end of the house to the fence line start end, Tracey and I took a break and looked at the new teeter.  We grabbed the rounded file and started to work on the teeter weld bleed through.  After a few minutes the teeter was fixed.  Tracey helped me get it together and we let Grace test it out. banged loud and Grace was happy to do it.

Task 3..Weave-A-Matic Knuckles Installed on the 2X2 Weaves:  After I finished the fence on Sunday I stayed outside working so the dogs would stay moving around the yard.  No yarps from the fence and no escaping Grace so far.  After I put the knuckles on the weave poles, Grace practiced pulling toward a tub of food to improve her driving forward footwork.  Our short session went well.

I'll get pictures posted soon.  Everything looks great and is functioning well.

On top of all this I managed to get several other things done around the house.  Staying home for most of a weekend does allow for more chores and to dos to become to dones.  This week is a short work week and I'm already looking forward to having a few extra days off... one day will be spent hearding livestock and eating turkey and the weekend will be spent running agility.