Friday, November 5, 2010

Obedience Class Night

We grabbed our new ring gate along with the other equipment and headed to LCCOC obedience practice last night.

Teds got to practice stays but was very distracted.  He seems to break at about 10 feet which must be the edge of his field of vision.  There are cataracts in his eyes so his vision is impaired.

Grace got a turn first.  She still doesn't get "stand" as a command.  A clearer hand signal for stand is in order ... maybe change the word?  Once I get her up in stand she still dances around when I walk behind her (I think she is getting somewhat better about this but she still moves her rear.  True to her nature Grace was bouncy happy on the other exercises.  She doodles much better than she used to.  She will quickly pivot right and left to get into heal position.  I just wish she could learn a stand with confidence.  Bern, Heinrich, Jarka, Josie...they all had nice steady stands... Grace's wiggling is really a pain.

Bern was a little rusty on a few exercises.  His drop was later than usual.  He retrieved his dumbbell on the flat on the first try.  However, it took two tries for the dumbbell retrieve over the high bar.  Good news is that once he left his sit each time he was successful... no empty mouth retrieving.  Okay so he needs more consistent work between now and next weekend if we hope to Q.

Bern and Grace are wrestling on the den rug.  It is good to see Bern still willing to play with Grace at age ~8!