Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Teeter is Coming, the teeter is coming...

Mark of Mark's Agility Equipment has shipped my spiffy teeter with the rubber coating.  I'm home this weekend so I hope to work on finishing the tire, double, and triple jumps I started last month.

I also ordered 10' of obedience ring gate so Bern and Grace can work on go outs towards a real gate.  Somehow this item jumped in the J&J shopping cart when I was buying Grace her very own obedience record book which will allow me to enter the pile of loose papers stored in the back of Bern's book finally.

I practiced stays the last few days at lunch with everyone.  Bern and Grace sitting still with Teds seems to be helping him get the idea of a stay.  It is also helping Grace learn that "sit" means you can't lay down on the job.

Tracey suggested I look into weave-a-matic weave poles to help Grace improve her weave pole stepping.  I could make use stick in the ground poles at a slant OR I can buy the knuckles from Max200 to modify by 2X2 poles.  When it stops raining I'm going to measure my 2X2s to verify that they are 22" spaced poles.  I think I'll order another set of 6 poles to add to the set of 6 pole 2X2s and weave-a-matic knuckles for all 12 poles (Merry Christmas for me).

Yeah for this cooler weather.  I'm actually getting to put the large new yard with room to practice to good use.  Grace's jump training that we have done is paying off... she kept the triple up last weekend and her steering was much smoother.