Thursday, January 27, 2011

Teaching Intro Agility Class

Last night I finished teaching class 2 of 6 intro to agility classes.  I have 4 dog students all with athletic handlers.  We are learning the basics but I'm really pleased as how quickly the dogs are catching on to this new game they are learning.  The class has a cute coonhound/terrier/heinz 51 mix, BC, JRT, and a malinois.  Only one of the humans (an LCCOC club member) has done agility before.  Sandy was a great help last night holding Jammar the mal with one hand and a class dog in the other so the handler could come to the end of the cute while I held open the chute.  We looked like a 3 ring circus for a few minutes but we were all having a good time!

I worked some with Grace before class.  She is continuing to really improve her running - her style is becoming more fluid and graceful.  So together it feels much less herky and herky.  I'm much calmer when we get to the end of sequence now than I was 6 months ago.  Grace also gave me one fantastic set of weave poles... then she got too excited and started skipping poles wanting her yummy shrimp leftover treats.