Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snooker and Tracking... all in one afternoon.

This morning started out at the bank getting my name added to the LCCOC checking account since previous club officers are no longer active and/or wanted off the checking account.  In planning that outing Nedra mentioned the gathering at Georgie's house to practice snooker.  Georgie was trying to help folks learn the rules for the upcoming Overcome USDAA trial in BTR.  I emailed Georgie and asked if Grace could come bang Georgie's teeter a few times and play snooker too.  Thanks Georgie for letting us join in the fun!

After the bank business was finished, Nedra and Polly came by to tour Meadowood Ranch.  This morning early I managed to hang a few more pictures up before they came.  The house is looking much better than it did the week before Christmas.  My vision is coming to bear FINALLY.

Next stop was the party store to purchase banner flagging for making tracking flags for the tracking trial.  I was feeling patriotic and bought red, white, and blue flagging.  I looked around at the decorations for the upcoming holidays but didn't see anything that caught my eye.  Four holidays are on the calendar for this coming week:  National Feedom Day (13th Amendment signing on 2/1), Groundhog Day (2/2), Chinese New Year (2/3), and Super Bowl Sunday (2/6).  Sadly the nicest decorations were for football parties... the Chinese New Year decorations were tacky.  I'm not sure I would consider Super Bowl Sunday a holiday but it IS on the 2011 Holiday List I"m using as a reference..

Next Grace, Bern and I drove to Georgie's house to practice snooker.  Georgie had set up two different snooker courses.  Her agility yard is nice and her equipment in good shape.  Grace happily banged the strange teeter.    After 2 seminars with Ms. Elaine where Grace was taught to take everything in front of her it takes lots of snappy handling to get Grace through a Snooker course now so Grace and I need Snooker practice!  Bern enjoyed getting petted by everyone.

From Georgie's we hurried off to meet Tracey for tracking.  First I laid a track for Storm so it could age.  Grace thenran her aged TDX style track.  We were rocky at the start, she struggled on one leg but hung in there until the end.  Her article indications was great.  Storm tracked her TD style track and did wonderful - no article indication at the end though.  Storm justed marched right across the glove and was following me out of the field.  Last but not least, Bern tracked a 15 minute old track and did good for Bern.  Bern is capable of tracking except he is lazy so I keep hoping he gets better at the game and finds it more fun and goes longer before giving up and visually searches for the cookie dispensing end glove.