Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beware the Ides of March

On March 15, 1999 in Bourbonnais, Illinois, the "City of New Orleans" Amtrak train collided with a semi- tractor trailer loaded with steel re-bar after the trailor of the semi did not clear the crossing in a timely manner. The tractor made it through the crossing, but the train struck the semi's trailer, which was loaded with steel re-bar. The steel re-bar could not be cut by the train wheels and lifted the train off the tracks, causing the two-engine train to derail, strike a siding car which was loaded with gravel if I remember correctly, and accordion.  The diesel from the engines immediately caught fire..  Before the fire was foamed out by a fire truck from 22 miles away the wreck and fire caused $14 million dollars of Amtrak equipment damage. Eleven people were killed and 122 injured in the wreck and fire.  The 11 fatalities were from the 5400 sleeper car (see numbered photo below).... I was also a passanger in the 5400 sleeper car.  The wreck now has a page in Wikipedia. I was suprised to find that out.

Why do I mention the anniversary of "my" wreck? Because it has totally caused me to rethink several of my daily activities. I can no longer do several of the activities I once thought nothing of doing. Today I focus on my recovery and improved health and not on what could have been. Others were not so fortunate.

HEALTHY, HAPPY, and WHOLE? (well not quite whole since the wreck!) But I'm working on it.