Monday, March 28, 2011

Sir Peter... now lodging at Meadowood Ranch

I've now spent two weeks in Oklahoma helping tend to Mom since she fell resulting in head trama and a broken neck vertebra at the beginning of March.  I spent the first week in OK while she was in rehab and then a second week during her first days at home from the hospital.  

When I drove from OK to BTR this weekend I brought back her West Highland White Terrier (Westie), Pete.  Sir Peter of Black Hawk was born in 2001 so he qualifies as a senior dog.  He is still jaunty and is enjoying his new backyard at Meadowood Ranch.  After two days he is pooped since he is getting much more exercise than he is accustomed, causing me to carry him home the last block of Monday evening's walk.  In his two days here, he has learned the Meadowood Ranch house rules for small dogs:  1) stay out of Ms. Grace's very large sphere of personal space  2) Bern is fun to play with but also a big oaf so beware of Bern's long legs and huge paws when playing and 3) Teds is an older comrade and fun to patrol the yard with.  All in all Pete is integrating well with our three pack members.  Pete needs more help with the Meadowood Ranch dog door which is a slightly different design than his door at Mom's house.

A clutch/nest/batch(?) of snake eggs hatched in the backyard at Meadowood Ranch.  Tracey's comment best describes the situation - new toys for Grace.  So far she had captured 4 of them that I know about.  I'm sure she will discover others in the days to come.  At least there are very small so they don't seem to pose much danger since they are easy to step on.

Note: The photos were taken with my iPhone as it happened to be handy at the time.  This new gadget replaces my broken phone so we are just now getting acquainted.