Sunday, March 13, 2011

It takes a village... 2011 LCCOC tracking trial

Once again LCCOC put together a very smooth and successful tracking trial.  The core LCCOC active tracking folks always pour lots of energy into the trial; however, it takes the whole village to make a successful trial.  I've uploaded the better photos from my camera to the web to share with others.  We had 2 of 6 TD dogs pass - both Spirit and Storm missed turns for Tracey and will be re-tested.

I've attached photos of Grace and I below.  Grace tracked her heart out and then took the cross-track.  To me she seemed to get off to the best start of the 3 TDX dogs.  I am very proud of her for working the entire length of the track and locating all 3 articles on the track.  After getting whistled for the cross-track we got back on so she could finish.  She had a great time tracking and was very happy when she found the glove at the end of the very long track!  I was also proud of me because the photos I was able to view showed better tracking handling than the last set I saw - I don't think I crowded her today.

Start Flag for Grace
Look - Nice taught tracking line

Grace - Tired by VERY happy girlie