Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Agility Update...and Mom's Broken Neck

This week has had its ups and down.  Mom fell down and broke the 2nd vertebra in her neck.  She will now be sporting a neck brace for the next 3 - 6 months.  For now I'm going ahead with travel plans as Mom is slated to spent some period of time in rehab learning to cope without being able to look down - it seems putting sock & shoes on while wearing a neck brace is a huge challenge.

Teaching agility class went well tonight.  My students are continuing to do super duper.  Grace practiced a bit before class and gave me 2 sets of fast weave poles.  Her on-side weaves are still not near as nice as her off-side weaves.

Lastly I have finally downloaded some recent photos off the camera.  I also watched the agility runs that were videoed in New Iberia.  I wasn't happy with the video.  I don't seem to be running as fast as I would have thought and Grace is still under my feet... darn!  I guess we just need to keep working on it as it is SO much better than when she started.  I probably need to watch more video so I can improve my handling... some of what I saw was not pretty!

On the tracking front it was interesting to see where I was, where Grace was, and how the line between us looked in the photos.  Like the agility venue, I see room for improvement in my tracking handling as well.

USDAA Overcome Qs 

Tracking Practice, New Iberia
LCCOC agility members enjoying the weekend