Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another Potential Tooth Extraction

Saturday was a 3 dogs to the vet day.
  • Pete got a Kennel Cough shot so I can take him the groomer.  I want his "skirt" shortened so he doesn't pick up as many leaves and twigs as they get tangled in his long hair.  When I brush him out it looks like he has raked up an entire flowerbed of decaying leaves with his coat.  Neither one of like the session on the grooming table as we each have better things to do with our time.
  • Bern just needed his 6 month heart worm medicine.  The vet also rechecked some blood work (at the clinic's expense) and his white blood cell count is holding steady just below the normal range.
  • Grace got her annual exam.  No news on the blood work yet but Dr. B says she looked good.  Unfortunately it seems she may have a tooth that needs extracted.  For dogs canine teeth and the triple-rooted carnassial teeth are the hardest to extract.  Bern required a canine tooth extraction a few months a ago...Grace may need a carnassial extraction.  Dr. B will know after he takes x-rays next month during her dental visit.
Graphic courtesy of Doctors Foster and Smith website.