Saturday, April 23, 2011

Return to Obedience Practice

With the summer quickly coming, outdoor agility events are ending along the Gulf Coast.  We are seeking the comfort of air conditioning and a change of venue.  There are several obedience trials on the schedule for the next few months.  Therefore, Tracey and I thought that perhaps returning to our obedience practice sessions on Thursday evenings would be a good idea.
  • Bern did great the first time out this season until we got to the out of sight sit and stay exercises.  Oh my... what sit?  what stay?  Okay so we have to work HARD on getting these back.  Bern used to be rock solid on these exercises because they didn't require much energy or mental effort.  
  • Grace was being her normal happy self unless she was performing a stand exercise or a long sit.  She still wilts on the sits; the stand for exam exercise gets the examiner a snarly face and lots of teeth bared.... but she has quit growly audible so we are making progress.  We worked on her Rally exercises... I need to get out the list and make sure we didn't skip any hard ones (like backing up 3 steps which I keep forgetting).