Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The First Garden Crop...Strawberries and Other News

This week has been a week of mixed emotions.  I'm still looking for good in everything... And by and large finding it.

Tuesday morning at 4:45 AM Grace woke me up by banging loudly on her crate door.  Oblivious to the impending storm I thought she needed to go out.  No ma'am she needed her Momma because it was beginning to thunder.  Thunderstorm that is...  We got 1.5" rain in about an hour.  Heavy winds and lightening came along with the storm.  Tracey's house lost power and she couldn't get out of her neighborhood for several hours due to the downed lines.

I started Wednesday morning by harvesting the first edible crop from the garden beds at the new house - strawberries.  There were 5 ripe strawberries that were picked this morning.  I came inside to weigh them like any good gardener would do.  Dang it I can't find the small digital scale that I had at the other house.  I gave up searching for the scale and tried one... yummy!

Tracey had made arrangements to say good bye to Misty today.  While I was thinking about Tracey I happened to check the AKC website for the current list of the 5 Siberian Huskies qualifying to go to the AKC Agility Invitational in December 2011. Kamikaze (Rocyn's Divine Wind) has now made this list.  Tracey and Kazee would like to be in the top 5 at the end of June so they can go to the invitation event.  I was so excited that I got to tell Tracey the good news.  Just a few more weeks of campaigning to stay in the top 5... GO GIRLS!

I finished teaching another session of agility.  It looks like next session Grace and I will be joining a more advanced class on Wednesday night since Wednesday works well with my schedule.  My students did great this time and I'm so excited that half the class is viable for competition level agility.

This weekend I'm off to Clemson, SC to participate with my NCEES exam committee in a cut score study.  I think the plan is for us to actually attempt all the problems from the Environmental PE Exam that was given last month across the US.  That means I will need to attempt to do the air problems... I can't just skip them and let the airheads check them.  This ought to be interesting if nothing else!