Tuesday, April 12, 2011

LCCOC AKC Agility, Port Allen Arena

Grace Leg 2 Open FAST 20" Class
Well first some links to last weekend's videos for our 3 runs on Saturday in Amite, LA at the Deep South AKC agility trial (thanks Michele and Tracey for filming us):

This weekend was AKC agility in Port Allen.  The trial was our LCCOC show so after teaching agility class on Wednesday night several of us helped load the rented U-Haul truck with equipment off the agility training field.  The trial was all classes on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Grace and I entered all three days.  The weather was a bit warm for my tastes - humid and in the high 80s.

Video from the LCCOC trial is available from Tracey and Michele (thank you very much for filming us!).  I need to spend lots of time watching the videos but just from posting them I can see big differences in Grace herding me and not herding me during our runs.  So I do get the non-herding dog every time we step to the start line.  There are also moments where Grace bounces part of the weaves like the 2nd time I put her in them in Amite during her JWW run (see links at top of post).  I need to work with Grace to embrace the bouncing-her-weaves-happily-dog during every run.  I think I may start trying to tape some practice session at home as I have a camera that will do video as well as a sturdy tripod. Videos available from this past weekend:

Michael Loftis has his photos posted from this weekend.  With the exception of the 2 photos he shot of us on Sunday, our photos are here.  I'll also need to look at his photos for signs of early take-offs by Grace and/or poor handler posture from me.

Our trial results time-wise are posted below.  Grace is now consistently making time in Standard and at or just over the SCT in JWW.  Based on our SCT issues and continued struggles to keep the 20" triple jump up during both her JWW and Standard runs,  I have decided that Grace needs to run at 16" preferred.... I think it will be less frustrating for us as she won't be so exhausted at the end of the weekend that she doesn't even want to jump on the table in Standard.  In the meantime Grace needs to become a weave master - I am looking into buying a set of competition style poles for the house (putting my tax refund to good consumer use!).

Trial Results - Entered in Open all classes at 20 inches:
     FAST Not Qualified - didn't get the send 
     JWW   Not Qualified Yards: 129 SCT: 37 Time: 40.82 (weaves, triple)     
     STD     Not Qualified Yards: 156 SCT: 64 Time: 63.81 (weaves, triple)
     FAST Qualified - Time: 18.05 Score Needed to Q: 55 Score: 55     
     JWW  Not Qualified Yards: 124 SCT: 35 Time: 49.07 (weaves)
     STD    Not Qualified Yards: 156 SCT: 64 Time: 62.74 (weaves, very tired dog)
      STD Not Qualified Yards: 143 SCT: 59 Time: 54.05 (weaves)
      JWW Not Qualified Yards: 125 SCT: 36 Time: 35.76 (weaves)