Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th...

Last night was obedience practice. I loaded up Bern, Grace and Pete for practice. Mike came along so he could meeet Sprigs - Tracey's newest addition. After playing with Sprigs while Tracey and I trained the other dogs, Mike too was taken by Sprigs' charm and fun terrier personality.

Bern and Grace did good on their various exercises. I was really pleased at Grace's work on her new utility exercises. She is understanding the scent article game. She also retrieved a glove politely plus did directed jumping starting from a sit at the ring gate. Her utility exercises need work but she looked really happy working on her new tasks. Bern's open exercises were not perfect but he was happy. He is about 90% perfect but that won't get a Q unfortunately. We have a few more weeks so we will keep practicing.

The Advocate Graphic 5/13/2011
The Mississipp River water levels continue to rise near Baton Rouge as the swollen river makes it way south. USACE will likely open the Morganza Spillway this weekend. Wikipedia now has a page on the 2011 flooding which includes a nice discussion on the implications of failure of the Old River Control Structure. The graphic to the right shows the modeled flooding that would result in Baton Rouge and New Orleans if USACE does not open the Morganza Spillway.  Within the Morganza Spillway, folks are removing livestock and personal belongings to higher ground as 5 - 25 feet of water is expected once the spillway is opened.  I was offered Spillway evacuee laying chickens today for Meadowood Ranch but I turned them down since I don't have a coop and pen yet.   Meanwhile helicopter traffic at the State Police Headquarters adjacent to my office is approaching post-Hurricane Katrina activity levels.  The water is so high in the MS river now that the downtown levees have been closed to sight-seeing as of today.
Downtown Baton Rouge with VERY high water in the MS River.