Friday, May 13, 2011

Which Way Did They Go???

Cheryl's Picture Plan
I picked Pete up from being groomed and headed home on Friday evening.  We all went out to walk around the back yard to survey the location for our new Mantis composter (said composter undergoing assembly - photos to follow).  Since we were out and the white dog was still very clean I gathered them up to take a photo hoping to get the shot above.  However, the first several attempts were photos that resembled the photo below.  Why is Bern looking the opposite direction from the other three dogs?  You just have to wonder.....Had all 4 dogs been looking the same direction it would have been a creative photograph instead it just looks silly.
The Pack's Picture Plan
Here is Pete looking dazzling white after his bath and trim.  Look Mom - no leaves, no trigs, no vines in his coat... just a happy boy being a terrier.  The groomer took off lots of hair length on his legs and skirt so he should be easier to keep brushed out now.  4 paws and 2 thumbs up for less doggie tangles!
Grammy's Handsome Pete