Monday, May 9, 2011

USDAA Tyler, TX with Tracey and the Gang

Grace SPG Title
Tracey and I along with 6 dogs drove to Tyler, TX this weekend.  The weather stayed just below "hot" so we managed without having to run the car AC to keep the dogs cool.  The venue was nice and the food vendor had great food.  Tracey deemed it the best dog show food she had ever had... very high praise indeed.

First the BIG news.  Tracey and Josie earned their ADCH this weekend.  What a great achievement!  I was so glad I was there to see it.  Kazee came close to earning her ADCH also.  She picked up 3 more legs this weekend.  Now Kazee only needs 1 standard leg to earn her ADCH.  Jedi picked up another gamble leg getting him closer to his ADCH.  Xan didn't quite manage a Q but ran farily well for Tracey.

Our entertainment for the weekend was Sprigs.  Sprigs a 4 month old wire hair dachshund will be joining the gang at Pebblemist.  Sprigs was in a litter pulled by dachshund rescue from the pound during Christmas.  After a few days with Tracey and her dogs Sprigs is finding her personality.  She was very fun this weekend.  I had a great time playing with her. 

Grace Standard and Pairs Legs

Grace ran Sat and Sun - 3 times each day.  Overall I think it was her best agility weekend to date.  I'm learning how to keep her from knocking bars rushing to get to me. And she is feeling more confident on the contact equipment although we did have a bit of a teeter issue this weekend... BUT it resolved itself quickly.

Standard Run 1:   Grace almost had a Q except she jumped off the table (Note to Self:  need to finish practice table).  She was 0.27 over SCT because of the table mishap also.  Tracey got to video the run.

Gambler Run 1:  Q and her Stater Performance Gambler (SPG) Title.  She ran a nice opening then did jump, A-frame, jump for the gamble.  Tracey got to video the run.

Snooker Run 1:  Tracey and I got a great plan for Grace.  The weaves were number 3 in the closing.  Her slow weaves caused us to not quite get the teeter to fall (#6 in the closing).  I knew time was short and I rushed her on the teeter... bad mother!  We then spent a run on Sunday fixing teeter.  Tracey got to video the run.

Pairs Run 1:  Q.. Our pairs partner was a BC with super fast weaves.  This gave Grace time to skulk up the teeter and then flyoff as it was coming down.  I was running too fast at the end and she crashed the last jump.  (Note to Self:  I cannot sprint because Grace crashed bars at that speed!).

Gambler Run 2:  We practiced weaves and teeter since she earned her title yesterday.  She needed to perform those in her upcoming standard run.

Standard Run 2:  Q... She was slow but clean.  SCT was 70 seconds.  She ran the course in 67 seconds.  This is her 1st Standard Leg... she needs 2 more to move up to Advanced.  Xan was running at the same time so Tracey and I missed filming each other.