Friday, May 6, 2011

Obedience Practice... Trial Countdown Commenced

With the upcoming trial only a few weeks away we met up with Tracey to practice obedience Thursday evening. 
  • Bern's stays were much improved but his broad jump was terrible.  His dumbbell retrieves looked pretty good too.  He found his drop on recall.  We have a chance at a qualifying leg it seems.
  • Grace practiced some rally moves as well as Open obedience exercises.  She needs to practice the Utility exercises not the Open exercises so I need to remember to take her articles and gloves when I go on Thursdays.  We also need to continue her go-out training.
  • Since Pete is at the house I guess I should get him out for some practice.  He has a sit; however, said sit has no "stay" associated with it.  It is more of a rear end bounce of the floor!
Tracey brought the 3 dogs she plans to enter in the shows plus her two new charges:  Twinkle, the beagle and Sprigs, the small wire dachshund.  Sprigs is officially a foster but it sounds like she may be staying.  Bern and Grace both sniffed the new guys and decided they were okay.  Grace will get to spend the weekend with Sprigs - maybe they can play a few minutes since Grace has learned to "play terrier" from Pete.