Thursday, June 9, 2011

Edible Garden Space... Becoming a Reality not just in Google SketchUp

Designated Edible Garden Space - Minus Fencing
I've continued to work on conceptualizing my edible garden space in Google SketchUp. This morning early I stood up on the 8' ladder to take a picture of the space as it existed prior to any further improvements. Bofinger's Tree Service was out early in the week and trimmed a few dead limbs in the large water oak that shows in the SketchUp model as well as removed some overgrown bushes from the edible garden area. So I snapped pictures of the actual space for comparison with my Google SketchUp 3D model I had created.

My Google SketchUp 8 Model of the Space
My SketchUp model of the edible garden space includes chain link fencing to keep the dogs out.of the space and several raised beds for veggies and fruit.  I have four raised beds to support a logical four bed crop rotation plan described in a garden magazine I recently read.  I've also included raised beds to support two backyard orchard culture high density fruit tree plantings.  Bay Laurel Nursery vends low chill bare root fruit trees from two wholesale growers who specialize in height-pruned low-branched fruit trees for home growers.  The split rail fence along the right side represents a grape vine/ kiwi vine trellis.

Off to work I go today feeling good about getting some virtual raised beds located in my SketchUp model and a "high" altitude photo of the area taken to compare the two spaces.  As I arrive at work the fencing salesman calls and offers an available crew to install the fencing today.  VOILA!  The edible garden space is now segregated from the rest of the backyard and ready for cultivation.  

Edible garden space after fence installation Thursday

Postlude:  We did finally get a 5/8" rain yesterday so the yard less resembles the Sahara Desert than it did earlier in the week. The temperatures have also cooled so now we are thankful that it is only 92F... much better than 100F and up that we had last week.