Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Colors have Faded... but we look and feel great!

In progress Meadowood Ranch Pack portrait
I've been coordinating with Bryce Dishongh, the illustrator, from whom we won a free dog portrait.  When Bruce had gone from the black and white draft to the final watercolor painting, he sent an in-progress report.  Initially I thought that the dogs colors looked faded.  But then I looked carefully at the photos I had taken to give to Bryce.

For comparison I gathered up some earlier and current photos of the dogs.  In Pete's case white is white so I don't see that his coat has changed much.  Teds was old when he got to my house and now he is older - a bit more white in the face.  But I have pictures of Bern and Grace spanning many years.  Oh my.  We have faded a bit in our older years - especially the brown/copper markings on Bern and Grace.  Of course the fading goes for me too.  You can see lots of gray hair in the photo below of me tugging with Grace at the obedience trial before we went in to collect our ribbon(s).

Our portrait turned out great!  See the side bar of the blog.  Bryce dropped it off early this week.  We are very pleased.

Grace ILP Photo (2007)

Cheryl and Grace (May 2011)

Bern PetFinder Adoption Photo 2003
Bern May 2011