Saturday, June 4, 2011

LCCOC Library Demo, Goodwood Library

Bern and Shelby wait for the demo to start

Group stays to demo what a little training can do
Tracey had a popular petting station
 Several LCCOC members met at the library this morning to do a doggie demo.  We talked about basic health care and grooming.  Bern demonstrated why you don't let young kids run up to bigger dogs (big dog mouth at kid face level).  We talked about the breeds and why some breed traits make good family pets while other traits do not.  Last but not least we had individual dogs demo various obedience exercises - Bern went out over the bar jump, retrieved his dumbbell and came back over the broad jump (oh well it was a little tight in the demo area).  Bern was followed by a broad jump demo, a heeling demo, and 2 article exercise demos.  There were 31 folks from the public in attendance.

I took several pictures of Shelby for Tracey.  Shelby has had 3 seizures in the last 30 hours so we are not sure how many more public events she will be able to attend.  Shelby seemed to have a good time so I'm thrilled Tracey was able to bring her.

Joy brought service dog Skinny