Sunday, June 5, 2011

What to do when it is too hot to garden

Rear half of the den oiled, waxed, and buffed.
The temperatures will reach 100F or close to it again today. Yesterday during the late afternoon there was an popcorn shower that bubbled up.  Some sections of town got lots of rain along with loud thunder and strong straight line winds.  All we got were the thunder and winds - an immeasurable amount of rain fell.

This morning we left for our walk at 6:00 AM to beat the heat - well it was already 75F then.  By the time we got back it was warming up.  Since it is too hot to be outside I tackled "to dos" on the plan forward list that were inside in the AC.

Remainder of den completed
The hardwood floors in the house are vintage Bruce floors (Jeffersonian II parquet pattern).  The house came with a tub of Johnson's paste wax so that is what I have continued to use when I have waxed the floors.  BTW Those tubs of paste wax are getting harder to find.  

I hadn't yet waxed the den floor since buying the house.  So I spent Saturday oiling, waxing, and buffing on the back half of the den and Sunday I finished it up.  Thank goodness for the electric floor buffer as it makes the "buff to a polish" phase go very quickly.  The floors look much better and I can cross one item off my to do list.