Sunday, July 24, 2011

USDAA Hattiesburg, MS - A Weekend to Remember

Xanadu Roth - Adv Standard Leg
Tracey and I were scheduled for the USDAA Hattiesburg, MS trial this weekend.  We stay in Tracey's RV in the nice arena RV park.  Tracey called Tuesday evening to let me know that she injured her knee  during a soccer game - likely a torn ACL.  Luckily it was her left knee so she can drive an automatic vehicle.  Unfortunately it put her in a knee brace and/or on crutches for the agility trial.  [Tracey's knee gets an MRI on Monday.  We are beaming positive thoughts in Tracey's direction.] 

The good news is that we had a pretty good weekend despite her injury.  I ran Tracey's beagle Xanadu 3 times managing 2 clean runs for an Adv Standard Q and a jumpers run over standard course time.  Tracey got 3 snooker Qs between Josie and Kazee on crutches.  Jedi was not listening well to Tracey on crutches and won't lie down on the table for others so  he was absent from a few runs.

This was my first time to run someone else's dog.  I've watched Tracey run Xan a zillion times but me running  her was very different than watching Tracey run her.  I'm excited I got her around clean 2 out of 3 tries.  With more practice Xan and I might actually look like a team.
Grace - P1 Pairs Relay Title
Grace was only entered in only 2 runs per day after our disappointing weekend in B'ham last month.  Our agility practice with weave emphasis since B'ham paid off as Grace ran great this weekend.  We ran a P1 standard course and 1 other run every day.  Our P1 standard runs were all close - on Friday I didn't get information to her and she grabbed the wrong end of a tunnel, on Saturday she mis-stepped and tumbled off the down ramp on the dog walk, on Sunday she was going too fast (VERY HAPPY AND EXCITED) skidded across the table.  Grace struggled with P2 Gambles level gambles on Fri and Sun but I'm hoping we can work those exercises along with her weaves.  She earned a pairs leg to finish her P1 Pairs title on Sat.

Overall we had a great time this weekend.  I felt really good about Grace's agility effort as my re-focused training seems to have had very positive efforts.  I intend to keep up her training as we go into the cooler weather agility season.

Our condolences to Jayne Walker in the loss of her father this week.