Friday, July 29, 2011

Cookie Status Upgrade: Petit Four Level

This week has been a week of odd milestones:    
  • I believe I have personally reached  the "petit four" level of  becoming a cookie for Grace.  Thursday evening the Red Stick Ringers played a bell choir concert in a neighboring town.  It was late by the time we arrived back in Baton Rouge.  At that late hour the boys were in the house but Grace was still outside.  I went outside and called to Grace... she came immediately and was delighted to see me.  She then ran back out into the yard and picked up her evening prize, a dead critter.  Darn!  I called her again, she dropped her critter and ran quickly back to me.  After securing the dogs in the house, the deceased juvenile opossum was laid to rest in the polycart.  Since Grace willingly left her quarry to come to me twice I'm currently rating my personal cookie Grace status at "petit four".
  • Mike completed the final scheduled class periods for his paramedic program this week.  He now has written and skills testing plus his final round of ambulance rides to finish the school program.  He sees a light at the end of the tunnel... it is NOT an oncoming ambulance.
  • I poured a bottle of drain cleaner into the hall shower because repeated hair removal attempts had not cleared the drain sufficiently to allow for good flows.  Alas the drain cleaner totally clogged the drain so I have added drain repairs to my to do list... so much for the quick fix.  I'm sure there is a Zen lesson in here somewhere but I've yet to see it!
Tracey has scheduled her surgery to repair her torn ACL.  We are anxious to have her back training and competing with us soon.