Monday, August 29, 2011

The Golden Age of the 70s Return

Both Saturday and Sunday dawned with temperature near 70, not 80, degrees so there was a couple of hours of pleasant weather early each morning.  During the cool weather the pack was walked, trained, and groomed and then we hung out in the air conditioning after that:
  • Bern practiced his obedience for the upcoming trial this weekend.  He looked farily good.  I'm trying to keep a very positive attitude but give firm strong commands.  So far... so good for both of us.
  • Grace practiced weaves and obedience.  She is driving forward better in the weaves but Linda's method needs a zillion repetitions so we are working through those.  I'm very happy with the weaving results.  Grace also worked on her utility exercises - go outs and signals.  She was franatically offering behaviors for cookies while we worked on nose touches at the gate.  She is so happy to be working but almost too frantic about guessing what I want from her (jump through the gate - no, jump over the gate - no, run around the gate - no, lie down in numerous locations - no, etc.).
  • Teds is struggling to stay on the grooming table for more than 3 minutes at a go.  Over the weekend I managed to get him mostly brushed out, general haircut, and only 1 of his toenails trimmed.  He continues to have episodes that Mike thinks might be TIAs.
  • Pete practiced obedience (well probably rally) as he is learning to heal and sit when we halt.  He is also working on coming front while I back up a few steps.
I get news feeds from the full and mini sized Aussie rescue groups.  Molly, an Aussie that came across the feed sounds like Grace when she arrived at my house except Molly arrived at the shelter wearing 2 shock collars.  I have emailed the shelter to see if Molly gets along well with other dogs.  Molly appears to be a stock dog Aussie so I'm sure we could put her to work on sheep as well as agility, obedience, and tracking.  After rehabbing Grace I have some idea of where to start with Molly - unfortuantely Molly is already five.  While I wait for Mom's neck to get a report from the doctor in the next week or so as well as get a return email from the shelter I'm beaming positive thoughts in Molly's direction and doing some serious soul searching about the makeup of dogs at the house.....

Please may the weather cooling trends continue as Grace and I are anxious to back to Linda's for lessons.  Meanwhile we will practice drills suggested by Linda and a few from Susan Garrett at home.