Wednesday, August 24, 2011

AKC Agility in Hattiesburg, MS

This weekend was a "not exactly" weekend for Grace and I.  Grace was happy to be out running agility and wanted to RUN!!!.... no tentativeness for her this weekend.  She and I need to work on rear crosses because I was not getting where I needed to be fast enough now that Grace is running instead of trotting agility.  We were getting rear crosses going and then it got hot so we need to continue training.

Our Open JWW run was beautiful on Friday but Grace decided 10 weaves was all she had in her.  Our Sunday run was not so great... of course I have Sunday on video.

We still don't have a Standard leg at 16" in Nov Preferred.  Friday a small bobble happened but on Saturday she was NOT focused ahead... she was looking at other equipment to her left.  I see drills from Susan Garrett's Success with Just One Jump DVD in our future.  But work we are so working on weaves more.  I've been lazy about training in the summer heat and it shows!

I'm planning on working lots of drills when the weather cools just a bit.  The schedule at the house is turning a corner but it will take 6 weeks to make the bend.  Mike started clinical ambulance rides today where he is acting as the Paramedic on the truck including being responsible for the narcotics on board.  So 6 weeks of clinical rides - 11 days of 12 hour shifts in a row followed by 3 days off to complete a 2 week cycle for a period of 6 weeks.  Then Mike will need to catch his breath so he can take his Paramedic licensing exams.