Friday, August 12, 2011

Moving Forward (Except Mr. Dishwasher Who Didn't Get His Memo)

Mike passed his Paramedic school finals this week. Now he heads into the final round of intern ambulance rides. Since he is out of lecture and only doing clinicals his schedule now includes a few days off (Hip Hip HURRAY!).  His class is scheduled to take their license tests on Oct 27.

Tracey had surgery to repair her torn ACL this week. She says Day 2 post surgery is going better than Day 1 post surgery. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Tammy Flaga sent an email with several great shots of the 7 week Miniature American Shepherd girls. My favorite is shown here - you will notice she has already found something to get in to on her first trip outside. Beth Gardner is getting the light red merle puppy (far right in bottom photo)- with a temperament like her 1/2 sister Abbie. I would still like to hold out for the next litter... we will see how the chips fall.
And to top it all off this week the dishwasher has gone on the fritz - repair guy can't make it until Tuesday. I think I just earned a hall pass from cooking in the kitchen this weekend.