Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chutes and Ladders

1952 US Chutes and Ladders Game Board
The last couple of weeks I feel like I'm living in a game of Chutes and Ladders (or Snakes and Ladders if you grew up in India).  The artwork of the 1952 US version of the game included children climbing ladders and going down chutes.  According to Wikipedia, the artwork on the board was teaching morality lessons,  the squares on the bottom of the ladders show a child doing a good or sensible deed and at the top of the ladder there is an image of the child enjoying the reward. At the top of the chutes, there are pictures of children engaging in mischievous or foolish behaviour and the images on the bottom show the child suffering the consequences.

Unwittingly (and because I wasn't being diligent) the last couple of weeks I seem to have become the mischievous child in a Chutes and Ladders game, although in my case the snakes seem more appropriate.  I've veared off track of my 2011 Healthy, Happy, and Whole mantra and slid down a few chutes (snakes) and now suffer the consequences:
  • Chute #1 - My mid-back area got upset with me (yard work? but I'm not sure).  So the therapist worked to untangle the knots in the back and likely has torn scar tissue from the wreck.  Therefore my mid section has gone into guarding mode - tensing my muscles.  The shortened muscles have pulled my stomach out of alignment and aggravated my hiatal hernia.  OUCH!  Slowly this is getting better.
  • Chute #2 - My suspicion is the diet soda I got at the drive-thru window when I was running errands this week was not actually a "diet" drink.  Alas my intestinal track has also gone into revolt mode over the high fructose corn syrup in soft drink.  OUCH here too.
There are a multitude of moral lessons here for me.  So I'm adding to my mantra for 2011 of Healthy, Happy, and Whole two supporting thoughts 1) Do Back Exercises Regularly and 2) Stay on the SC Diet.

Australia Snakes and Ladders Game Board

This week there were bright spots (ladders in this board game of life).  The dishwasher had a miraculous healing without paid assistance. The electronic panel is functioning and the dishwasher is happily washing pots and pans again. YIPPEE!   The plant light stand has been assembled and filled with plants  - more in a following post.

Unfortunately the dogs are not getting much training as it is very hot outside and I'm not been 100%.  But we continue a few indoor activities.

Niece Amber takes her driving test in Oklahoma today.  There is a Toyaota Rav4 waiting for she and Erica to commute to high school in.  I know Amber must be very excited.  We wish the girls safe travels.