Tuesday, September 27, 2011

AKC Agility Weekend, Kiln, MS

Grace and I spent the weekend with Sheryl McGinness and Charlie, the Boston terrier, at the LaQuinta in Kiln, MS.  The hotel arrangment worked out well and the agility was a great learning experience.

Grace has decided she wants to run in front and I will steer from the rear.  So far this arrangement is working out mighty fine.  To uphold her end of the steering Grace has learned left and right... she is still questioning "go on" but improving..  Our course times were quite good in Kiln - must better than previous trials.  Our Sunday JWW run was a blast.  We did not Q BUT the dog I ran at this past trial is capable of a MACH.  I had never gotten to run that dog before.  Go Grace!  We should be earning more Qs soon.

Our only video taped run is Standard on Saturday - the front cross was a failure as Grace cut behind me.  Her second attempt at the weaves was fast and happy.  She herded me badly on Saturday... on Sunday I made sure she got out front and just steered from the rear.  We looked MUCH better on Sunday!