Monday, September 26, 2011

Auto, Home, Life & Health

Well this week sounds like an insurance commercial.  We have made changes on several fronts at MR.  We've been so busy making changes we haven't had time to post them.

Metallic silver 2011 Honda Pilot
Auto:  We have a bigger dogmobile - a shiny new 2011 Honda Pilot.  Its maiden dog voyage was to obedience class last week and then to Kiln, MS for agility this past weekend.  We are looking forward to the extra room.  Mike will start driving the Element.  Ms. Bessie, the 1995 Buick La Sabre, will be re-homed to someone who wants to design a cool hooptie car. 

Pilot loaded with crates for its maiden dog voyage
Tammy ended up keeping the split face red tri puppy bitch I had liked in her recent mini Aussie litter.  She hopes to whelp another litter in early 2012.  Well we will now have room in the car if a puppy finds it way to our house.  In the Element we were crunched getting to obedience classes on Thursdays.

Home:  The new plant stand has settled into the den.  I've hung accent spot lights with LED bulbs.  And finished sewing the covers for two of the Perla dog beds.  Meanwhile outdoors, Roundup was applied via foam paintbrush to several unwanted volunteer trees last weekend in hopes that they can be cut down over the winter and will not reappear next spring.

Bern checking out a too small dog bed
Life:  Mike is finishing up his last 2 weeks of paramedic school clinicals.  HURRAY!!!!  I'm focusing on the  good news because there doesn't seem to be much of that going around now.  Recently I noticed multiple sources of negative energy feeding into my life - whining clients at work, over-zealous dog rescue groups, and the local news folks.  I'm working to minimze my connections to the those people/groups but some (like work) are necessary. 

Today though I have very happy feet as they are sporting a new pair of Clark's Wave.Run shoes.  After a failed attempt to shop at the local Borders Bookstore before it closed (it was dark empty and locked Friday night), we wandered into the Clark's shoe store at the mall.  My feet were so happy testing out this shoe style that I actually paid full price for a pair of shoes!  I've decided these are an early birthday present to myself.
Strolling the neighborhood
Health:  Mom's neck has still not healed so Pete is staying at least another 3 months.  With Pete staying longer he is getting more involved in performance events.  In October there will be an earth dog match in Jackson, MS.  Tracey and I are anxious to take our new "earth dogs" to an earth dog trial.  This will be a first for all 4 of us - Sprigs, Pete, Tracey, and me. 
Spider lilies at MR